Trek Technologies LLC was formed in 2004 by John C. Barker, a product design and engineering veteran, and Tom McKasson, a computer-aided tools and methods expert. The founders identified a market need based on personal outdoor experience: a sturdy, lightweight, convenient, multi-purpose device with the functionality of both a tripod and trekking pole/hiking staff. After positive initial market analysis, the team embarked on a year-long product development program, including patent application and trade marking.

The result is the TrekPod™, a lightweight, height-adjustable walking/hiking staff, with a fully integrated tripod, and a quick-release, mount-demount system called MagMount™. The unique product design incorporates the benefits of multiple functions without sacrificing the ability to be utilized in rough terrain, easily carried for great distances, or quickly assembled with a variety of optical devices. These advantages are unparalleled in the industry and will, in fact, create a whole new product category—trekking tripods!